People from around the world living with different disease(s) have navigated the difficulties of type 2 inflammation. Discover how new knowledge is helping them live their lives to the fullest.

Rhiannon’s Story:

Getting Back in the Game

It took Rhiannon years of breathlessness and isolation before she learned what was behind her asthma. Then, everything changed.

Isaiah’s Story:

Many Questions, One Big Answer

Isaiah has always faced a lot of questions about his atopic dermatitis. Armed with new knowledge, he now has answers.

Simone’s Story:

The Importance of Perseverance 

Simone searches for an answer to understand her chronic itch. She and her family make the journey to Münster, where renewed hope is within reach.

Gian Marco's Story:

Turning Difficulty into Motivation

After living his whole life with eosinophilic esophagitis, Gian Marco has channeled his difficulty swallowing and discomfort into helping others living with chronic diseases.


It’s time for more days where you feel can be yourself beyond your symptoms. Learn if type 2 inflammation could be playing a role in your disease and find out how to have better conversations with your doctor.